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NAME: Anders
AGE: 39ish
RACE: Human (no longer possessed)
OCCUPATION: Grey Warden, Spirit Healer
HEIGHT: 5'7"
BUILD: Slender but strong
HAIR: Blond, chin-length, often in a ponytail
EYES: Golden
BEARING: Carries himself fairly straight-backed, has a habit of meeting eyes directly
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Scars generally covered, but 1 narrow one on the front of his chest, marks from restraints on his wrists, many lines across his back.

Anders is often in the healing tent he shares with Adelaide in Skyhold, or down in the Warden Camp just outside. He is rarely without his cat, and more often than not is in company with an NPC Warden.


He's no longer possessed, he blew up the Chantry, he's patient with his patients and an excellent healer, he talks to his cat way more than people should, he's flirty, judgmental, quick to argue, works hard in the healing tents, easily put on the defensive, is often on missions for the Inquisition, angry, quick to defend someone who seems to need it, likes jokes... is basically confusing.


Anders offers a variety of options, including, but not limited to:
-Cat shenanigans
-Yelling matches
-Talks about the future for mages
-Dating/sex advice
-Magic lessons
-Mockery/joking/pranking/teasing/flirting/electricity trick
-Judging people (correctly or incorrectly, I'm totally cool with him being wrong about things)
-Spirit and demon talk

Approval & Gifts

+ Kindness
+ Belief in mages as people
+ Physical contact
+ Support of mage freedom and rights
+ Sarcasm, humor, flirting
- Treating mages like things
- Expressing views that mages should be back in Circles
- Lumping whole groups of people together
- Cruelty, abuse
- Willful ignorance

Cat toys, Pretty things (fabric, jewelry,) Books on magic.

*Top image by sandara-d3ef8vr on deviant art
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I'm glad to play off of castmates from any type of playthrough, this is just a reference to what my Anders has gone through. Please feel free to leave feedback for my Anders here! I may also have missed some important decisions on the timeline, ask and I will add them.

Anon is enabled, and IP tracking is disabled.

Something to know about Anders - He is argumentative, he clashes, and he argues in circles. He can be a frustrating person to argue with because of this. He's also friendly sometimes, and often flirty. But if you do not feel comfortable with negative CR, which he does wind up creating a lot of, you may want to PM me here, on plurk, or on AIM and find out how he'd respond to something. I won't mind talking about it!


-Threadjacking this character's posts? By all means, go for it!

-Backtagging with this character? I'm all for that.

-Fourthwalling this character? Please speak with me first on that, but chances are I'll be good with it.

-Romance with this character? If it's building in that direction I'm fine with it, but he has a canon crush on someone already so know that it would take work and time. We'll probably want to discuss it.

-Hugging/Kissing this character? Hugs are good, kisses are very likely because Anders is a flirt.

-Fighting alongside/against this character? Sure! I'm up for this.

-Injury/death to this character? I'm fine with Anders being hurt, but I would like it to be talked about first. Death would need to be discussed too.

Spoilers ahead! )
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So Anders is... Anders. I know how he's generally viewed, and I know there's a chance some people don't want to deal with him. That's completely acceptable; he's a divisive and at times frustrating character and I won't take it personally.

But because I don't know if someone might or might not want to deal with him, or who might recognize him from Kirkwall/turn him in before reveal, I've been holding myself back from tagging out in a bunch of places and I figure I should fix that.

So here, have a handy dandy boxy form!

Player Name: your name
Character Name(s) and Journal(s): your character(s) and their journals
My character would recognize and turn Anders in: y/n (only applicable through March/April, whenever he's revealed. Basically if your character knew him previously and would reveal who he is.)
I would like to avoid playing with Detlef: y/n (pre-reveal Anders; if you don't want your character to deal with him lying to them and the fallout from it, or don't want your character deceived.)
I would like to avoid playing with Anders completely: y/n (pretty self-explanatory. I won't tag you and I'll work to make sure if you've signed up for a war table mission he doesn't land in the same group.)
Other: (anything else you can think of.)

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Name: Jackie
Age: 32
Contact: Nadat on Plurk
Other Characters: N/A
Interests: Clearly I'm looking for pain. ...But more seriously, one thing the games did not give me is any sort of "what happened with Anders" closure, and while he is a deeply flawed character, I do want to play a "what could have been" thing. I also want to give him a chance to grow from his mistake, and while he can never fully atone, especially as he views his actions as necessary, he can potentially help the world heal from what he helped to start. So political intrigue, chances to use his healing abilities especially to make up a portion of the difference, etc.


Name: Anders
Canon/OC: Canon
Journal: [personal profile] justice_is_blond
Race: Human
Nationality: Anders
Occupation: Bravely running away. Or healer, one of the two
Age: Vaguely late thirties



Since the events of Kirkwall, Anders has been running with a side of helping where he can - healing where it's wanted, joining in on fights against templars/for mages. Basically he's doing all he can to keep from being caught and executed while still allowing Justice to feel fulfilled and Anders to feel a smidgen less like he's a complete jerk.


Anders is passionate. Passionate for freedom, passionate for justice, passionate for equality. When combined with his stubbornness and determination, and then mixed with the fact that he's possessed, it makes for a dangerous and messy whole, as seen in Kirkwall. After years of being stymied and getting nowhere, with his people being slaughtered, driven by the spirit within him, Anders lashes out and kills at least a couple hundred people in one explosion.

The combination isn't all bad, however. There's some compassion mixed in, enough to have him spending about a decade in the underground of Kirkwall healing those who couldn't heal themselves. He sticks around in the city to try to free mages when he could have run to somewhere more manageable. Deep down, he wants to do the right thing. Unfortunately, he doesn't see a way to do the right thing for everyone when there's a whole group he sees as focused on harming his people.

All of this, and his life, has left him on edge. He's defensive, and uses humor to deflect and try to protect himself as well as angry words. The former tends to work better than the latter, especially as his bitterness seeps in to a lot of conversations. The scars of his treatment at the hands of Templars are mental as much as they are physical and he still struggles from spending a year, alone, in the dark.

There's one more large factor in who he is - Justice. Justice is justice, originally with the single solitary purpose of righting wrongs where he saw them. Years of being unable to make a lasting difference, coupled with Anders' temper, have influenced the spirit toward Vengeance. He's not fully gone, neither of them are, but the threat is there.

The changes from when we see him last in Kirkwall to now are primarily tiredness, some guilt, and a small rekindling of hope. There's a chance for mages, now. His actions weren't all in vain, but he's not just seeing the opportunity - he's also seeing how much damage is being done to those who can't fight. What he's done, he feels, was crucial but unforgiveable, and since Hawke confusingly chose to spare him, he should use these extra years to make right what he can.

Strengths & Weaknesses


Magic - For ease of categorization, I use the four schools shown in DA2, as that's what Anders is from. Anders is highly gifted in Creation magic, a spirit healer able to heal nearly any physical wounds and ease many illnesses, competent in Primal, Spirit, and Arcane, and entirely unable to use Entropy. He's also canonically capable of adapting magic, as alluded to by Isabela and 'that electricity thing.'

Resilient - Anders has been on the run for much of his life, he's adapted to ever-changing circumstances and fought to stay a half-step ahead for a long time. He's also difficult to kill unless both he and Justice are willing as they were at the Gallows - this is the only way I can explain why a dagger in the back can kill him while a sword driven through his chest by Rolan did not.

Perseverance - Anders attempted escape from the Circle at least seven times. He did it again after being held in solitary confinement for a year. He doesn't give up easily.

Survival - Living off the land, swimming across lakes, roughing it, Anders doesn't enjoy living like that but he knows how and has done it multiple times.


Temper - Anders has a temper that he lets take control of him, but worse, when he loses control of it, he often loses control of himself as well and Justice takes over, which leads to unpredictable and dangerous outcomes.

Black-and-white view of the world - While he has justification for this, from his own treatment at the hands of Templars to the Silencing of Karl, from Rites of Annulment called for and his entire network in Kirkwall slaughtered, Anders unfortunately does not see that there are still some grey areas, and some Templars like Thrask. Part of this is due to Justice, but it's Anders' fault as well.

Possession - As mentioned a little in the temper section, Anders is possessed. He does not always fully have control of himself. There is at least one innocent who is alive thanks to Hawke's timely intervention, and the possession has definitely become more apparent as the years go on.


1 Tevinter Chantry Amulet
1 set of robes, brown, worn and stained, along with equally worn boots
1 staff, fairly nondescript, with stats similar to the Torch of Falon'Din
1 Gnawed Shiny Ring
Several belt pouches, containing among them a few coppers, two vials of lyrium, a few root vegetables, a few herbs, and one gold earring.
1 small, handmade pillow.


He's tired. Anders is tired of running and hiding, but at the same time he doesn't want to simply give up. Justice won't let him, either. If they're going to keep seeing the fight through to their end, they need to be near the Inquisition, watching how it treats mages, seeing if there's anything that can be done to prevent mages from simply accepting another yoke.


TDM thread 1

TDM thread 2

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[One day this will be fancy. For now, leave a mage a message?]
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[It clicks on and there's a pause.]

And now... Hello? I'm assuming you're trying to reach me. By the Forge. So you talk now, or not now, you talk when I'm done talking, and then I'll get the message and I'll respond as quickly as possible.

[There's another pause.]

Oh! Anders. I'm Anders. You have reached Anders, please leave a message for me.

[There's another click as the message ends.]
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The Character Expression Meme

Character: Anders
Journal: justice_is_blond
RPG: Scorched

.sympathy..evil..innocent..in love.

Snag yourself the coding here.

The Clinic

Mar. 24th, 2012 10:24 pm
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The Clinic is a free Clinic providing medical and healing care to the Scorched of Anatole. It serves the few Natives as well who have gotten over their fear of Scorched and show up. For those Scorched who need to consume blood, the Clinic operates a blood bank and pays for people to donate. The Clinic also has a supply of Ora that's put out around it during emergencies when they would help out. This turns it into a refuge against Mist-based issues.

Any character with medical knowledge or magical healing abilities can gain employment with the Clinic. ICly, one would approach Martha Jones, Anders, or Nymphadora Tonks to get a position, but OOCly you can reply here and we can set your character up with a job. Give us your character name, their training/specialty, and what hours they're available, and poof.

The Clinic pays a living wage, handwavily.

There are two free-of-charge bedrooms for staff in the Clinic itself. Currently both are free: one on the second floor and one on the third floor.

Current Staff:
Martha Jones - in charge of all things doctoring and the blood bank
Anders - in charge of all things magical
Nyphadora Tonks - in charge of the greenhouse and does admin things

Other Doctoring staff:
Other Healing staff: Marian Hawke, Kuja
EMT: Stuart Balydon
Security: Buffy Summers


What the Clinic looks like )

The Clinic Work/Coverage Schedule is approximately this.

Note - Martha Jones and Anders are always on call. If something is needed, they can be gotten in touch with! Including if someone doesn't want magical healing or doctoring.

If there's something off about it, please let me know, I'll fix and edit.
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